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Since 2006 we’ve been helping Logistics and Trucking companies get a competitive edge with creative solutions. Unlike any other industry, transportation is almost 70% of small businesses. Most of these businesses have been running for over 20 years and they keep the process simple and foolproof.

why Choose Us?

Our Strong Points

As time passes technology becomes increasingly difficult to ignore, this is where we provide huge value. There are countless “Software subscriptions” out there for the trucking industry. They charge monthly or annually, they hold the keys, and they have complicated contracts. We believe this is wrong. We are unique because we understand that not all transportation companies are alike. Hardly ever is there a “One Size Fits All” solution – you often overpay for features you’ll never use. So what’s the alternative? We get to know your business inside and out with deep analysis, that way we can present what changes are urgent, wants & needs. We can automate the parts of your business that need it most while working with your budget. Monthly subscriptions are a total waste. We build software that you OWN. When we build software it is custom made for your employees – they are happy because it does exactly what they need and they get input when creating it. 

For example, your business is looking to update your dispatch. We can help automate dispatch, connect it to your other applications, and even your tracking devices. We are flexible and experienced, we can help you get your business exactly where it needs to be – efficiently as possible. 

So if you’re looking at your Dispatching, Tracking, Inventory, ERP, and looking for a refresh – contact us first!

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