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Data Migration

Providing You With Unique Solutions

Data extraction and migration is our expertise and we’ve proven to safely migrate data in the most challenging scenarios. If you are in a unique situation with some very old software, we can help.

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Our Strong Points

Your companies data holds information that is critical to your business process, it can also hold many insights into your past and future. USAT Inc. loves your data, we can run reports and analyze data to help guide you in making the most informed decisions. A common problem small businesses run into is their data becomes locked in an outdated legacy software system and they need it extracted. Data is a terrible thing to waste, USAT Inc. can recover the data for you no matter what the situation may be. We’ve helped many companies who told us “No one is able to do this” and time and time again we’ve said “Hold my beer” to them. We can take data out of your legacy system, manipulate it, report it, and enter it into new software systems to smooth our your business process. Are you wasting time entering data twice? Are you looking to integrate into something new like Quick Books? Give us a call!

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