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Office 365 Migration

Providing You With Unique Solutions

We love helping businesses migrate to Office 365 because it has a tremendous return and immediately improves day to day operations. Office 365 is a cloud subscription that includes many programs like SharePoint, which hugely improves communication and document sharing. SharePoint is vital when working remotely.

Having multiple private emails can be a huge security risk and getting your team connected on Office 365 mitigates those risks and keeps your data secure from ransomware and phishing attempts. We can safely transfer all of your data and contacts into Office 365 no matter what your old platform is.

why Choose Us?

Our Strong Points

Our plans and pricing are honest and flexible because we are an Authorized Office 365 Vendor. Office 365 is the industry standard for a reason, you never have to worry about updating or migrating again and you’re running the newest technology at all times. Having your entire team on SharePoint and Teams you’ll be able to stay connected in real time.

Here’s a case study on how Office 365 implementation benefited a small business.

Challenge: SE Michigan company was using outdated Windows OS and had multiple private emails. Their employees are located internationally and they were having difficulties communicating and sending documents to clients and vendors.

Solutions: We implemented Office 365, first we imported all of the contacts from their previous email platform (Yahoo, Gmail) and made sure all the data was secure. Then we trained their employees on how to fully utilize SharePoint and Teams to send documents to clients and vendors.

Future: They are very happy with the job we did and they were surprised how quick and easy the transition was. With lighting, fast communication Teams and Sharepoint have tremendously improved productivity by getting rid of downtime. With the latest and greatest technology and Microsoft Suite, they are ready for anything.

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