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Case Study

Transportation ERP Software with EDI

Custom ERP Software for SE Michigan Trucking Company – EDI, HR, INVENTORY, GPS, PAYROLL, AND MORE. 

Technologies: EDI, Custom Software Development, Business/Data Analysis

Situation: Niche Transportation company in SE Michigan was using the old fashioned pen and paper method to manage their entire business. They were searching for a software that could manage their EDI, Tracking, HR,  Accounting,  but struggled to find anything that fit their unique needs. They also wanted to avoid acquiring any monthly costs for new software. 

Solution: First we carefully analyzed their business process and defined exactly how their pen and paper system worked, we spoke with Dispatch and Drivers to find out what they were looking for in their new software system. After we presented several pathways to management and prioritized what features were needed most. Together we decided it would be best for them to develop the ERP software one department at a time. We started with automating their dispatching process and creating employee portals for them to enter their time cards, set CDL reminders, and more. We implemented the Dispatching and HR software and trained their employees on how to use it. After much testing and further customization, it’s become an integral and proprietary advantage. The entire ERP includes custom EDI software to communicate with their BIG 3 clients and vendors. Their employees stay up to date on all CDL licenses and timecards/PTO. Their software is created just for them and it’s helped them impress new BIG 3 clients with it’s EDI capabilities, hire more drivers, automate HR and Payroll, and help them keep GPS tracking on all their trucks., 

Future: Life is good for the Niche Transportation company, they’ve been doing more business than ever and making more profit. With their new EDI capabilities, they can attract new ket accounts from Fortune 500 organizations. With this proprietary software, they are free to do whatever they’d like with the ERP. They can sell it to other companies, licenses it, add on as the industry changes, they have total freedom. Looking back, if they’d go with the “canned” product they’d have an indefinite monthly expense.  

Our client had a proven process that brought them great success for many years. The industry has changed quickly and they were able to get all of the new features (like EDI) while keeping their original process that employees were used to. 

Our Unique Solution met all of our client’s goals and had a clear Return on Investment.  

1) NO MONTHLY FEES – They own the software outright.

2) HAS ALL FEATURES THEY NEED – We created it just for them, so they have everything they need and nothing they don’t.

3) NEW CLIENTS AQUIRED – Big 3 Client was acquired immediately after our ERP was implemented because of the ERP functionality. 

We are now a trusted partner and we provide full support and updates as needed. 

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