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Case Study

Improved Customer Service & Online Shipment Tracking for Transportation Company

Design, Development & implementation of multi-functional online shipment tracking along with required hardware systems.

Challenge: The Leading Trucking companies in New York are contacted USATInc with an interest in design, development, and implementation of the Customer Service & Online Shipment Tracking System to meet the market expecting feature. This would also help their customers be able to have the required information on hand and on time. 

Solution: As the premium Business IT Solutions provider, USATInc took the challenge along with the Technical and Budget constraints given by the client. Worked with the client, identified the fundamental needs of the business. Also defined the outcome and benefits arrived after completion of the project. Identified the Hardware & Software components, efforts and hurdles involved along with the business process adjustments required in reaching the goal. The team of experts at USATInc analyzed the variables in the initiative and brainstormed with the client in deriving the right approach to meet the defined objectives of the initiative. Project execution is started upon the definition of the scope, schedule, budget and Quality measurements. The systematic approach and Project Management methodologies were applied during the course of meeting the challenge.

Result: USATInc was able to successfully complete the desired deliverables and also implemented the solution on Client’s network. Configured the servers as part of the implementation. Data integration between legacy homegrown customer order tracking mechanism and the newly build multi-functional website using the latest technology from Microsoft, “Visual” with required functionalities in the initiative. The result while meeting the scope, time and budget constraints were greatly appreciated by the entire organization. The project execution lasted approximately Six Months from the kick-off meeting to the completion of implementation. The Business team and Operational Team at the client organization expressed their interest in adding more functionality to cater to the new business requirements. The end-users who are the customers of our clients are extremely happy with the outcome. Thus, the initiative improved the possibilities of more business and better relationship with the customers. They found the easiness of User Interface greatly saved their time and efforts. A great improvement and quicker way to download the proof of delivery, Bill of Lading and other details without having to wait for the response from the customer service representative at our client’s office.  

Technology: ASP.Net,, HTML, Microsoft Office 2003 Automation, Visual FoxPro (or also known as VFP) and Crystal Reports and Telerik controls are the technology pool used by the team of experts at USATInc in creating the project Software deliverables. A custom build server with Microsoft Windows Web Server as Operating System, Core i7 microprocessor from Intel are the key hardware components.

Future: The client has gotten new business with their newly added features from their existing customers and brought in new ones. Our project quickly showed a great return on investment and is now a proprietary and integral part of their business. 

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