How Does Custom Software Save Money for Small Business?

08 Apr, 2020
Every industry has a flashy "Boxed" software that is a one-size-fits-all to manage your business. You have to sign a huge contract with user requirements and complicated jargon, and you're left at the mercy of the company to provide support. This works well with some popular software programs like Office 365 or QuickBooks, but industry-specific software is expensive and often left unsupported. Many small businesses have minimal or very old software that works, but leaves them at risk for security threats. Having a custom system means you can constantly update it with new technology. Your customers demands are always changing and with a boxed software you can't just change the features. 
Custom software development is very flexible, USAT Inc. acts as a tool for small businesses to achieve their goals and meet their client's ever-changing demands. License fees and maintenance contracts are indefinite expenses and hurt monthly cashflow. If you partner with USAT Inc. we will work with you and your team to find out exactly what you need and build just that. What makes us different is that we provide the full source code and ownership which gives you complete freedom to sell, change, and update your software as it is your I.P and an asset that sets you apart from the "cookie-cutter" competition who are struggling to make a "canned" product fit their business needs. 
Boxed software subscriptions cost an indefinite licensing support fee, many small businesses use these products then years later if the provider goes out of business they are left with an antiquated software no one knows how to fix - which many are from the 1990's. Custom software is built for your company and with your employee's input. Employee's feel disgruntled when they have to learn new software, and after a huge integration that's the last thing you want to hear.