Applying Information Technology – Business Case I

31 Aug, 2020

Information Technology (IT) refers to the technology used in businesses for transmitting, storing, manipulating, and retrieving all kinds of data. Forms of IT can include speech, text, videos, graphics, and reports of events such as equipment (malfunction, intrusion, etc.). IT also refers to the hardware and software that businesses use to manage and operate a range of business processes. Most organizations share a computer system so that information can be transmitted across the length and breadth of the organization.  

There is no denying the fact that information technology has made itself a mandatory component of all businesses. It is widely accepted and used across organizations of all shapes and sizes for running vital business processes. Its reach has been such that an entire office would come to a standstill if on a particular day the internet or phone lines stop working! Such is the dependency on IT and its supporting functions. Every department of an organization these days depends on IT and professionals within that field in order to function.  

Some popular IT actions in businesses include storing relevant information using a database, making calculations using excel sheets, developing promotional and marketing collaterals, and processing information such as drafting letters or other documents. IT helps in establishing internal communications including telephone linking as well as email functions. It aids in projecting the company in a better light to the clients. By using a PowerPoint presentation, companies can make appealing business pitches to clients. Websites are also a great tool for projecting the company to the external world by offering in-depth information about the business to interested clients while prompting engagements between the business and their leads.  

IT applications are a great way to reduce costs while saving time and effort in business operations. It enables rapid searches on search engines making information truly “just a click away.” Additionally, IT assists in doing away with the duplication of data and has made global communication a reality. With each passing day and with more advanced technologies, it’s simply getting better!