How Block Chain Technology is Shaping the Future

14 Jan, 2108

Block chain is the concept of a decentralized and transparent transaction record in a digital format. Though the technology is at the emerging stage, but it does have a huge potential in terms of disrupting the major industries and the way they function. Disruption makes everything interesting, doesn’t it?,
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How Does Custom Software Save Money for Small Business?

08 Apr, 2020

Custom Software that is made from scratch is tailored to your employee's and customers exact needs. Avoid monthly fees and cashflow issues with a solution your business owns.,
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Positive Disruption With Block Chain Technology

04 Mar, 2019

Each time a new technology is being discovered and introduced, it finds itself in a lot of uproar and speculation. I think you agree with me, don’t you? On one hand, it opens up new avenues and on the other hand, it causes a few disruptions which changes the way the industries function.,
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