Manufacturer I.T Modernization, Windows 10 Migration + Office 365

Small Business

Manufacturing Company in SE Michigan

Services: Managed I.T Services, Custom Server Configuration, Windows 7 Data Migration, Legacy Software Modernization

Challenge: Manufacturer (50 employees) in SE Michigan was using Windows 7 OS, we seamlessly transferred all of their data (clients, vendor, accounting, production) onto a new custom-built server and Windows 10 OS with Office 365. We came aboard as their I.T department and quickly completed their I.T wishlist. We currently provide them with support for any hardware or software problem. Under our consultation, we have saved hundreds of thousands by avoiding monthly costs on software subscriptions and cost-effective hardware. Their business is running more efficiently than ever and the employees are much happier now that they don’t have to worry about printers and computers not working. 

Solution: We analyzed their current business process and technologies and presented several unique options to achieve their goals. We built a custom server just for their company, then we migrated all of their data into the new Windows 10 OS along with a full Microsoft Office 365 suite. From there we came on as their I.T Managed Service Provider or MSP, with proactive support they are running smoothly and their employees know they can count on us. Their printers now work without any issues, the entire office is on the same OS, and we are continuing to improve their technology every day. 

Future: Our client is well suited to adapt as the industry changes, they are up to speed on the newest technology, and employees are happy they don't have any downtime due to technical problems. This manufacturer is ready to expand in the future and with the data we've analyzed we've been able to offer great consultation to increase profits.