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Executive Assistant & Dialer

Posted On: Sep 13, 2014

Executive Assistant & Dialer

The Opportunity:

Join our dynamic company with a strong commitment to team work and providing a path for you to grow and develop.

The Company: Hop on board with one of the fastest growing IT service companies in Oakland County. We have been working with numerous local, small and medium businesses for over 8 years and are expanding our Team. At Unique Solutions located in Royal Oak, we are here to create a highly supportive culture, team atmosphere and professional work environment for our employees.

Job Summary:

1) Answering Phones: Be a warm and welcoming voice of the organization

2) Be a Host: When guests arrive to our office or to the events at our office you be the host and take the pride on being the warm welcoming host to create a best impression. You don't mind offering water or coffee to your guests, do you?

3) Daily positing/interaction on Social Media: It is hard to stay away from social media connectivity these days. Not because it is a need, but because it is FUN.. How about putting that fun activity into a productive use?

4) Support to Management: Did you ever dream of being boss to your own boss? Being unique in the IT industry, you will be supporting the management team by guiding them in the right direction and by supporting them with the findings of your research.

5) Set up the appointments: To be polite and charming voice, interact with customers, business partners and even strangers when setting up the appointments for leadership team.

6) Provide 1st level support: How would you like to receive complement such as "You are awesome helper"? With the business and tech support process we have in place, we are sure that the person in this position will be able to help our customers and earn the complements.

7) Event Management: Did you ever host an event at home. Plan, invite and execute the event. It is exactly the same.

8) Software Testing: Have you ever thought, "How would it be to become part of something innovative and BIG?" The unique and interesting software development projects on our plate are encouraging the assistant to get involved and be part of the Information Technology innovation and development process.

Desired Skills:

1) Excellent communication: Did you ever tell a story or wrote a story that others can understand?

2) Ability to follow instruction: Are you sure, you build Lego when you were little, without asking your parents and siblings?

3) Willingness to learn: Certainly, your school saw your willingness to learn, otherwise, they would have kicked you out a long time ago, wouldn't they?

4) Excellent MS Office skills : Did you use Microsoft Word to create your resume? Did you ever use Excel to make up fake statistics for your class?

5) Ability to Multi-Task: When you are talking to someone while driving and changing lanes, what is it called if not "Multi-tasking"?

6) Ability to be creative: How well and creative you dress up before going to party? Or for that matter, before coming to an interview for this opportunity?

7) Ability to solve problems: You definitely want to attend the interview, shoot, something else came up.. Now what? Think.. think.. think..

8) Ability to seek answers: Did you ever search for answers to your questions on Google? Did you ever ask your teacher a question in classroom?

9) Ability to work as a team or individual: Did you ever play with your siblings or roommates?

10) Ability to Manage Time: Did you get to school on time?

11) Ability to meet deadlines: We all have submitted projects at school and we know the consequences of late submissions, don't we?

Hours: 40 hour week, M-F: 9:00 am. To 5:00 pm.

NOTE: This is an opportunity for growth and advancement; ONLY for those who are willing to learn, willing to criticize and get criticized, and to those who are not afraid of advancement...

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Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $10.00 to $12.00 /hour

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